All my work is custom designed once WE discuss your vision. This is YOUR art, I will simply be the artist behind the finished piece.

Personalized photo shoots are often the starting point to a project, however on many occasions a candid or action shot is utilized for the project base.  Most of my custom pieces revolve around sports or dance and have been preplanned or captured during peak action moments.

       Together we can discuss YOUR vision and "make it happen" 


Action Sports- Capturing peak moments while we preserve your memories frozen in time. Countless hours have been spent on fields, tracks, courts, pools, ice rinks, dirt tracks, streets, etc... working with athletes of all ages and abilities. From the 5 year old pee wee quarterback to a professional top NFL lineman and everyone in between.


Sports Composites- Compiling various photographs, team colors, logos, sport phrases, graphic designs,  artistic enhancements and my creative touch to produce that "one of a kind" collection. Sure to impress any athlete, parent, coach or booster club.


Dance Art- Capturing the dancer and movements of grace I create some of the most unique artistic dance works available. These pieces are all created on a personalized basis and tailored specifically for each dancer based on ability, age, style and most of all the artistic element shared by the dancer and photographer. These pieces are a true artistic collaborative effort. 


Portrait Art- Occasionally I work with a client to obtain that look that just cannot be described or categorized. This is truly an area I enjoy working on as it allows complete artistic freedom.