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As a Master Photographer, I enjoy capturing moments frozen in time and converting them into works of art. Like an artist applies paint to canvas, I utilize the latest photographic digital technology and my creative vision to produce works of art that you can be proud of.  These captured memories continue to inspire me every year as I continue to work towards my Master Artist degree.

Enjoy your visit and I look forward to working together and creating your "work of art"

Paul Sasso, M.Photog.; CPP


All my work is custom designed once WE discuss your vision. This is YOUR art, I will simply be the artist behind the finished piece.

Personalized photo shoots are often the starting point to a project, however on many occasions a candid or action shot is utilized for the project base.  Most of my custom pieces revolve around sports or dance and have been pre-planned or captured during peak action moments.

       Together we can discuss YOUR vision and "make it happen" 


Action Sports- Capturing peak moments while we preserve your memories frozen in time. Countless hours have been spent on fields, tracks, courts, pools, ice rinks, dirt tracks, streets, etc... working with athletes of all ages and abilities. From the 5 year old pee wee quarterback to a professional top NFL lineman and everyone in between.


Sports Composites- Compiling various photographs, team colors, logos, sport phrases, graphic designs,  artistic enhancements and my creative touch to produce that "one of a kind" collection. Sure to impress any athlete, parent, coach or booster club.


Dance Art- Capturing the dancer and movements of grace I create some of the most unique artistic dance works available. These pieces are all created on a personalized basis and tailored specifically for each dancer based on ability, age, style and most of all the artistic element shared by the dancer and photographer. These pieces are a true artistic collaborative effort. 


Portrait Art- Occasionally I work with a client to obtain a unique look that cannot be described or categorized which allows complete artistic freedom.

The Difference

Who Am I?   Why Me?   and what really is a Certified Professional Photographer? 

Watch this short video and scroll down to learn more about us. There really is A DIFFERENCE

The one behind the lens

A lifelong artist, Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer specializing in sports and artistic movements. Most recently I'm proud to share, that in October 2017 I was named "Georgia Photographer of the Year" by the Georgia Professional Photographers Association.  

I take what I do serious, have a true passion for three critical elements that are a part of me.........Photography, Art and true Client Care.

Why a Certified Professional Photographer?

* Consistency. I know how to achieve great results—every time. You get a strong collection of images that tell your story, not a few lucky snapshots, and you will work with someone who knows how to produce a quality image under any circumstances.   

* Technical Skills. I'm more than a photographer with quality equipment. I'm a student of art, lighting, posing, athletic styles and trends. I'm a professional at my craft and never stop learning.             

* Unique Artistry. I have the skills and artistic vision to create unique, customized works of art—not cookie-cutter pictures or copycat templates. I have an artistic vision and a proven track record that has been verified by a national standard and demonstrated to the community.                                      

* Professionalism. You're getting someone who is willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible images. I'm a business owner who thrives on customer service and satisfaction, and continuously produce products that exceed your best expectations.

The CPP Certification is earned through the Professional Photographers of America, the world's largest non-profit association organized for professional photographers. The Certification Committee follows standards for certification which are established by the national Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE). As of September, 2015 there were only 65 CPP's in Georgia and approximately 3% of all professional photographers in the United States hold the CPP designation. I'm currently working towards my Master Photographer Degree.


Professional Memberships

* Professional Photographers of America

* Southeastern Professional Photographers Association

* Georgia Professional Photographers Association

* Nikon Professional Services


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Awards and Recognition

As an internationally recognized, award winning Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer I take pride in my work and sharing these recent accomplishments with you. Below are some photographic awards and competition results I have earned over the years. I continue to showcase my work and enter many photographic print competitions throughout the year. This fosters growth, improvement, and assists me in showcasing some client work for the world to enjoy.


* Best in Show- Illustrative     *First Place- Animal Portrait

* Distinguished Award- Wildlife 

August, 2019- Professional Photographers of America- International Print Competition (IPC)

* 2019 Bronze Photographer of the Year- Photographic Open division

* 2019 Bronze Photographer of the Year- Artist division

* All 8 images were awarded a merit and placed in the General Collection which will be on display at Imaging USA, Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, Tn in January 2020

* Awarded PPA Elite Member status for the second year

August, 2018- Professional Photographers of America- International Print Competition (IPC)

* 2018 Silver Medalist- Photographer of the Year

* All 4 images sealed-4/4     1 Loan Collection image published and 3 General Collection images 

* PPA Elite Member

October 2017- Georgia Photographer of the Year (GPPA)

* Dick Dickerson Award  * Judges Choice Award  * Fuji Masterpiece Award

* First Place - Sports portrait    * First Place- Portrait of a Man

* Distinguished Award- Portrait of a Teen   * Distinguished Award- Portrait of a Child

August, 2017- Professional Photographers of America- International Print Competition (IPC)

* 2017 Bronze medalist- Photographer of the Year

* All 4 images sealed and were placed in the General Collection 

March, 2017- Southeastern Professional Photographers Association 

* All 4 images sealed 4/4,  3 Proceeded to the PPA-International Print Competition

September, 2016- Georgia Professional Photographers Association (GPPA)

* First place- Sports portrait    * Best of Show- Illustrative  * Judge's Choice Award

* Peoples Choice Award          * Dick Dickerson Award       * 3rd Place - Men's Portrait 

August, 2016- Professional Photographers of America- International Print Competition (IPC)

* 2016 Gold Photographer of The Year

* All 4 images sealed-4/4     2 Loan Collection images published and 2 General Collection images 

March, 2016- North Central District Print Competition 

*All 4 images sealed 4/4

February, 2016- Southeastern Professional Photographers Association 

* 3 images sealed and accepted into the PPA/ International Print Competition 3/4

September, 2015Georgia Professional Photographers Association (GPPA)

First place- Sports Portrait

August, 2015- Professional Photographers of America- International Print Competition

* 2015 Silver medalist

* All 4 images sealed-4/4     1 Loan Collection image published and 3 General Collection images

February, 2015- Southeastern Professional Photographers Association

* 3 images sealed and accepted into the PPA/ International Print Competition 3/4